MAS Machine Monitor

Tool for increasing the productivity of your operation!

MAS MACHINE MONITOR is a software product that allows the customer to monitor the time utilisation of machine during the shift online or allows to view the operating status history and to subsequently take measures in production and logistics. All this is possible in the visualisation program that is installed in the customer’s PC.

MAS MACHINE MONITOR an arguable leap increase of your operation’s productivity = YOUR PATH TO COMPETITIVENESS ENHANCEMENT THANKS TO THE MAS!

Basic functions of the MAS MACHINE MONITOR:

  • Monitoring of utilisation of any number of machines, possibility of machine classifying into groups (workplaces)
  • Online display of machine status or browsing through utilisation history
  • Number of made pieces, display of power circuit start interval – electricity saving measures
  • Summary statistics for individual machines
  • Important information for company management and production control

– monitoring of selected machine conditions via mobile phone operator network at selected phone numbers in the form of an SMS message. The employee can thus immediately react to an event even if he is not present near the machine at the moment.

Be independently and factually informed about the course of your jobs directly from the machine even during your physical absence from the company!

GSM MONITORING - function of the GSM MODULE:
Via the touch panel, it is possible to define up to 5 phone numbers that can be used for monitoring and controlling of the machine.
SMS messages about machine condition changes are then sent to the entered phone numbers. The current condition of the machine can
also be queried by sending an SMS reading “STATUS”. The SMS can optionally be sent also upon meeting a certain condition (e.g. making a certain number of pieces etc.)