Remote diagnostics

complementary service that saves money

  • Fastest technical and technological service for the customer
  • Immediate “on-Line” contact with the customer’s machine
  • Inexpensive and reliable technical solution
  • Experienced team of diagnosticians and application engineers - technologists

Remote diagnostics are the analysis of the machine’s condition via communication software by a diagnostician. Using the communication software, the screen and the dialogue menu of the control system are remotely accessible via Internet. The actual communication software does not include any  diagnostic tools. The service technician only remotely uses the internal diagnostic capabilities of the control system. The screen and the dialogue menu of the CNC are accessible from the service technician’s computer at any distance. The technician not only monitors the current condition of the machine via his screen, but using the keyboard of his computer controls the CNC menu, transfers basically all data in both directions, and using the CHAT function communicates with the operator. During machine failure analysis, the technician utilises all diagnostic functions integrated in the CNC.

The goal of Remote diagnostics is to shorten the downtime of the machine by precisely targeting the subsequent servicing activity. This brings especially a reduction of customer’s losses arising from the machine downtime.