Roller 2800 CNC

Fotka stroje

CIB - Cast Iron Body

  • Bed is made from quality casting - produced in our own foundry
  • High rigidity, resistance against pressure and vibrations
  • High temperature resistance thanks to ribbed construction
  • Deformation prevention – the bed is designed for symetric tension and do not have the influence for the machine function

High Productivity

  • High productive machines
  • Minimal machining time – maximal production
  • Suitable for machining of big amount of series

High Precision

  • Precision machining
  • High rotation-speed spindle suitable for difficult finishing operations

High Power

  • Tool spindle with gear-box mechanism
  • Powerful force machining
  • Excellent torque
  • Perfect choice for roughing

DMS - Direct Measuring System

  • Direct linear measuring in standard configuration
  • High positioning accuracy
  • Long-term stability solution
  • Swing dia. without using of tilting B-axes: 300 mm
  • Max. power of multi-roller without using of tilting B-axes: 50 kN
  • Max. workpiece weight: 1 000 Kg
  • Output S1: 11 kW

Machine basic concept

  • Machine basic concept
    • Cold moulding technology – compaction of material
    • The skeleton of a special machine is derived from the standard MT 70/3000 CNC lathe machine.
    • The function is based on cold moulding technology - rolling of cylindrical, conical and transition radius areas of the shaft parts, i.e. vehicle axles.
    • The use of the machine for specialized production of parts using surface rolling technology.
    • The form rolling equipment is located on the longitudinal saddle.
    • The saddle moves by means of CNC controlled axis Z on the bed of the machine in a longitudinal direction.
    • The motion in axis X is performed by tailstock sleeves of rolling heads into which the rolling tools are clamped.
    • The tailstock sleeve movement and the rolling force are performed hydraulically.
    • The machine is equipped with hydraulic aggregate in the standard variant.
    • Fluent changes in the pressure and the force on the rolling tools during the work cycle in a defi ned pressure scope.
    • Indirect independent measurement of the rolling force; recording and archiving.
    • Tailstock with hydraulically tailstock sleeve is equipped with special mechanical arrestment equipment for the safe transfer of axial forces.
    • The headstock is placed on the bed on the reinforced centre.
    • Independent oil management, including the tank and the tube under the work area of the machine.
    • The whole rolling saddle system is integrated into the covered area of the machine.
    • Sliding guiding areas for additional rolling saddle are connected to the central lubrication system of the machine.
    • The machine can be operated in manual and automatic cycles.
  • Machine basic concept
    The advantage of a rolled surface is based on achieving a smooth surface by cold moulding the surface layer. With the quality of the tooling it replaces grinding technology, although without
    the precision of the dimension of the machined area when grinding. Rolling is recommended as a fi nishing operations for the strengthening of surfaces of non-tolerated dimensions or as technology for strengthening the surface layer before the finishing grinding of areas for tolerated dimensions.

Working space

  • Working space
  • Working space
  • Working space
    1. The working space of the machine where in the fi rst row there are distances and dimensions concerning the clamping of the shaft, the so called spindle clamper, the distance of the clamper face from the face area of the spindle 275mm, starting the tailstock of the machine (related to the distances of the inserted tailstock sleeve from the face of the spindle, i.e. 3412mm,  size of the expansion of the tailstock 160mm and the distance of the movablecentre tool (in this case Röhm MK6 VEL.116 – Id.Nr.093439 centre) from the face of the tailstock sleeve 192mm. The total distance between pins is then 2876-2906mm depending on the form and the size of the centric axle pit. In addition, in the work space there is an indication of the starting support with rolling rolls with the distance only to the face of the spindle and the face of the inserted tailstock sleeve; there is also angular deviation of the rolling tailstock sleeves (±35 degrees), the position of the centre where the tilting is performed, i.e. 290mm and the value of the distance of the faces of the inserted tailstock sleeves for the rolling heads 522mm and the expansion of each tailstock sleeves 112mm. Most dimensions are stated to the face of the spindle, the face of the tailstock sleeve and the faces of the tailstock sleeves of the rolling heads, because the independent clamping device into the spindle, the centre into the tailstock and the rolling tools are selected and constructed especially according to the requirements of the client and their values may differ.
    2. Maximum clearance of the part without tilting the rolling heads.


Working range    
Geometric and operating accuracy   ISO 1708
Swing dia. without using of tilting B-axes  mm 300
Swing dia. with using of tilting B-axes to ± 30°  mm 280
Swing dia. with using of tilting B-axes to ± 35° mm 250
Tailstock sleeve travel of multi-roller headstock mm 112
Range of multi-roller power  kN 1-50
Max. power of multi-roller with using of tilting B-axes (B = ± 35°) KN 20
Max. power of multi-roller without using of tilting B-axes (B = 0°) KN 50
Distance between centres mm 2876
Max. workpiece weight kg 1000
Operating spindle    
Nose of spindle (DIN 55027, 55029)  - B11/C11
Spindle bore mm 106
Spindle taper – metric  mm 112
Control system    
Main drive    
Drive motor output (S1) kW 11
Max. spindle torque (S1) Nm 297,5
Spindle speed range min-1 0-400
Axis B    
Ratio of worm-gear unit - 1:40
Ratio of spur gearing of tilting mechanism - 1:12
Tilting range ° ± 35
Rapid traverse min-1 0-400
Axis Z    
Ball screw – dia. / increase mm 50/10
Travel mm 2876
Rapid traverse m/min 10
Max. feed force kN 20
Repeatability of positioning mm 0,015
Tailstock sleeve dia. mm 115
Tailstock sleeve travel mm 160
Sleeve taper MORSE 6
Hydraulic aggregate    
Hydraulic oil volume l 10
Operating pressure of pump bar 110
Nominal capacity of pump l/min 11
Nominal motor output kW 3
Lubrication of multi-roller tools    
Nominal pressure of pump bar 3
Nominal capacity of pump l/min 0,9
Tank capacity l 32
Pump motor rating kW 0,05
Machine dimensions    
Length × width × height  mm 4000x1815x1863
Machine weight kg 6200
Max. total machine input    
Machine input kVA 30




Working space lighting
Röhm 116 Mk6 (604H) movable centre
Calibrating load gauge
Adaptor into spindle Metric 112/Mo 6
Lubrication of pulleys
Tube for lubrication oil for rolling oil
Tool kit 
Accompanying documentation
The machine is equipped in standard with SIEMENS 840 D system
Lifting equipment 3000
Switch board cooling – air-condition
Rolling holder (2 pc set)
Pulleys on request (2 pc set) 
Remote diagnostics
Special movable centre


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