Fotka stroje
  • Hybrid technology – combination of material adding and splinter machining
  • The first machine of this concept developed in the CR
  • Material application using a modified electric arc
  • Five-axis design machine
  • Change of the additive technology to the subtractive within seconds

Machine basic concept

  • Machine basic concept

    The basic equipment of the machine includes:

    • Direct admeasuring of all movement axes
    • High-speed electrical spindle and magazine for 30 tools
    • Fully integrated weld depositing head for modified technology MIG/MAG
    • External cooling of the cutting and weld depositing point with an adjustable value of flow 50–120 l/min
    • High-pressure central cooling of the tool with an adjustable value of pressure 40–120 bar
    • Temperature stabilisation of the cutting emulsion
    • High-pressure contour drying and cleaning of the section with air (a total of three systems for the needs of the HM technology)
    • Large-volume area drying and cleaning of the section with air with own blower
    • Additional drying of the headstock face
    • Special extraction of the working space allowing for extracting and filtering both the wet atmosphere created during high-pressure central cooling of the cut and the dry atmosphere of vapours created during metal weld depositing Scanning the working space with a camera with a visiport and visualisation of the view using a large monitor in the machine cover
    • Scanning of the working space with a thermal camera for temperature checking and analysis, it is integrated by the control of the measurement process within the scope of the technological functions of the control system
    • Cover with double door allowing either for standard work with a visual view of the operator through the safety glass into the working space during the operations of machining or the weld depositing operation upon the closing of the second covering door
    • Tool and workpiece probe for process measurement
    • Possibility of recording the processing parameters for the analysis and checking of technological parameters in real time (e.g.: the position of the axes, the programmed speeds, the parameters of the additive technology, the number of the component, the number of the weld deposit, etc.) with the goal of repeatability of the technology or validation of the performed technology
    • Fluid cooling of the clamping table

Working space

  • Working space
  • Working space
  • Working space
Travel in axis X mm 1100
Travel in axis Y mm 590
Travel in axis Z mm 415
Travel in axis W mm 230
Tilting axis A ° ± 110
Swivel axis C ° 360
Clamping area of the table mm Ø 520
T-grooves (number × width × spacing) mm 4 x 14 x 45°
Maximum table load kg 400
Maximum workpiece dimensions / workpiece turning radius (movement of axis A) mm Ø 520 x 475 / R 375
Range of travel speeds in axes X, Y, Z mm.min-1 1 - 40 000
Rapid travel in axes X, Y, Z mm.min-1 40 000
Maximum table speed - axis C ot.min-1 20
Maximum table speed - axis A ot.min-1 12
Precision of coordinates X, Y, Z setting  mm 0,01
Division precision ° 0,001
Max. number of tools in the magazine - 30
Max. diameter of a tool in the magazine mm 125
Max. length of a tool in the magazine  mm 350
Max. weight of a tool with automatic exchange kg 6,5
Required build space of the machine - l x w  - 5865x7670
Machine height mm 3300
Machine weight kg 17 300
Total machine input kVA 50
Working pressure of the pneumatic equipment  MPa 0,06

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